Lacy Moore

Lacy was most recently seen as Defence Minister Donahue in the Sci-fi thriller series AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD, directed by Paul Tanter for Amazon Prime.

She filmed a short film UROBORUS, directed by Diarmuid Donohoe, for Constant Motion Pictures earlier in 2023.

Recent credits include the role of Emeline Dowling in TREATY 18 and TREATY 22, directed by Ronan O’Donoghue for RTÉ, Lisa Benedetto in THE FALL, created by Alan Cubitt for the BBC, DOCTORS, directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green (BBC), KILL RATIO starring Tom Hopper for Parkside Pictures and GAME OF THRONES directed by David Nutter for HBO.

Other screen credits include Niamh O’Connor in EMMERDALE for Yorkshire Television, CORONATION STREET directed by Eugene Ferguson for ITV, Kay Summersby in drama-documentary D-DAY 6.6.1944 for Discovery, TV movie ZONDAG written and directed by Froukje Tan (De Lewte Film Company), THE CLINIC directed by Ian Fitzgibbon with Parallel and HALO: NIGHTFALL directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

Short film credits include THROW YOUR HEART OVER FIRST (Zoology Films), THE INVISIBLE BOY (Venom), MICROCOSM (Dystopian Films), THE WAY BACK (causeAscene Films), THE CAPTORS (Six Mile Hill Productions), JAMAICA (Magician’s Niece), SKUNKY DOG (Stand Mantra Productions) and NO MESSAGES.