Charlotte Bradley plays Ninfa in Liolà by Luigi Pirandello at The National Theatre, London. This high-spirited drama by Pirandello takes us to the heart of a rural community where property and family provoke fierce passions. Richard Eyre directs Tanya Ronder’s new version, performed by an Irish cast and gypsy musicians. It’s unexpected, funny and touching. – NT

★ ★ ★ ★
Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Independent, Sunday Express, Sunday Times

‘Touching and entertaining. Glows with the warmth of summer.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Richard Eyre’s beautifully judged production keeps the sun-baked Sicilian setting but his excellent cast give an Irish accent to the proceedings.’

‘A seductive curiosity.’
Sunday Times

‘A joyous summer surprise.’
Sunday Express

‘Tanya Ronder’s adaptation – poetic and full of juicy peasant dirt – meshes well with Orlando Gough’s “gypsy” songs.’
Financial Times