In small-town rural Ireland, ex-boxer Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong has been the faithful right-hand-man to the drug-dealing Devers family for years, doling out beatings as his means of remittance. He is also father to a young autistic boy, his relationship with whom is the closest thing Arm has to ordinary family life. But when Arm is asked to kill a man who has wronged the Devers clan, his loyalties are truly tested. His attempt to do the right thing sets off a chaotic chain of events that will affect everyone he holds dear.
CALM WITH HORSES is based on a novella from the acclaimed collection of short stories Young Skins by Irish writer Colin Barrett from Mayo. The collection won The Guardian’s first book award and the Frank O’Connor Short Story Prize. Writer Joe Murtagh has adapted the screenplay and has collaborated with Nick Rowland (Director), and Daniel Emmerson will produce the feature for Film 4 / DMC films.
Filming is underway in Co. Galway and continue until mid-June. Toni O’Rourke (Lisa Devers) and Róisin O’Neill (Fatima Devers) have been cast.